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Pass The Ammunition

Praise Allah And Pass The Ammunition

Osama bin Laden is the suspected mastermind behind the bomb plot for which several suspects were recently arrested. The F.B.I. and State Department issued warnings that bin Laden's followers plan to target large New Year's Eve celebrations. The U.S. has threatened to launch a military attack on Afghanistan if the bombings are carried out.

Bin Laden is the Frankenstein monster of world politics: well-funded, well-armed and single-minded. Son of a wealthy Saudi Arabian construction magnate, bin Laden inherited $250 million. After the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979, he helped fund Islamic resistance groups there. The U.S. gave groups like these Stinger missiles and other advanced military hardware. By 1989, the Soviets withdrew.

Bin Laden used his newfound skills in rebellion to build a virtual army, spread out among militant Islamic groups in sixty countries. After the 1991 Gulf War, he turned his attention to the West. The U.S. blames bin Laden for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 1998 African embassy bombings, which killed hundreds of people.

At an October 19, 1999, press briefing, a U.S. State Department spokesman said, "We've had long-standing concerns that bin Laden has undertaken efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction."

Congressional terrorism expert Kenneth Katzman said, "We have to assume that he has some rudimentary chemical capability."

Praise the Lord And Pass The Ammunition

In case you think it's just those gosh-durned Muslims we have to worry about, you should be familiar with some other groups as well.

Earlier this year, Bo Gritz, a hero of the "militia" movement, toured the country warning militia members that a global organization plans to use Y2K as an excuse for taking over the United States. The F.B.I. believes some of these groups plan to bomb U.S. targets on New Year's Eve to "prevent" the supposed takeover.

"Acts of violence in commemoration of the millennium are just as likely to occur as not," the F.B.I. said in Project Megiddo, its October 1999 report on the potential for domestic terrorism.

In November and December 1999, two supposed militia members were arrested for plotting to bomb a nuclear power plant in Georgia, and two in California were arrested for planning to blow up a power plant and 24 million gallons of stored propane fuel. A large amount of explosives was recently stolen from an Arizona quarry.

Authorities are also closely watching racist "Christian Identity" groups, who believe that Y2K is a good opportunity to provoke a race war.

In Israel, the biggest threat is from Christian and Jewish extremists who believe that in order for Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled, the Dome of the Rock must be destroyed. The Dome of the Rock is one of the three holiest shrines of the Islamic faith. Officials are taking extensive security precautions.

Slime-Eating Bastards Part II:
Why We're A Target

According to the U.S. government, the reason Americans are so despised in the Islamic world is that militants are jealous of our freedom and democracy.

Reality is a bit more complicated. In many Muslim nations, the U.S. essentially buys off a local ruler with U.S. taxpayer-subsidized foreign loans. The ruler keeps a tidy cut for himself, and then sends back multibillion-dollar contracts to large multinational corporations for things like power plants, aircraft and military hardware.

The people involved in this, are, of course, Slime-Eating Bastards. They're car salesmen with nukes. They're massage parlor operators in a good suit. They've pissed off the Muslim world, and because of that, you and I are a target.

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