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Getting Ready

Y2K doesn't have to be a disaster. Many people around the world are working to make it as gentle as possible. Even if some things do go wrong, we'll cope with them. Basic utilities in the U.S. should be fine, and the economy should bounce back quickly.

In a way, Y2K is more an opportunity than a danger. The world has already changed; whether Y2K existed or not, the global economy would be linked, terrorism would be dangerous, and weapons proliferation would be a serious issue. Y2K is a wake-up call, to let us know it's time to decide which way to go.

You're prepared for Y2K if you embrace change as a chance to improve. You're prepared for Y2K if instead of fearing uncertainty, you recognize that it means we can choose our future.

It's a good idea to make some simple personal preparations, but it's also a good idea to enjoy your New Year's. It's not the end of the world. It's what we make of it.

Individual Preparations

Experts recommend that you keep an emergency kit for any potential disaster, whether it's Y2K or hurricanes. It's highly unlikely that any of your basic utilities will go out, but be prepared in case one does. Experts typically recommend having 3 to 15 days' worth of basic necessities, such as:

For Y2K specifically, don't be a target:

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