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Y2K: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Y2K bugs will not all occur at midnight January 1. One consulting group estimates that only 10% of Y2K bugs will trigger at that time. Many more will show up later.

For example, a paycheck program might not show a problem until the first payday. A buggy inventory program might not cause problems until current inventories run out.

Major oil exporters, including Russia, Iran and Venezuela, are ill-prepared for the Y2K bug, which could cause oil shortages a few months into the year.

"The likelihood of disruption in oil imports is high due to the lack of preparedness in key oil-producing countries," reported the U.S. Senate's Y2K committee in September 1999. "Disruptions could ultimately affect gas prices and availability."

Early problems could have later ripple effects. For example, if a foreign manufacturer of computer components has Y2K problems, a U.S. computer manufacturer might have trouble filling PC orders later.

"Severe long- and short- term disruptions to supply chains are likely to occur," reported the Senate committee. "Such disruptions may cause a low-to-moderate downturn in the economy."

Companies that did not take Y2K seriously will find themselves the target of lawsuits. Y2K litigation costs could run as high as $1 trillion. Faced with Y2K problems and lawsuits, many small- and medium- size businesses will go bankrupt.

With all the ripple effects of Y2K problems at home and abroad, many experts fear an inflationary recession in 2000 and 2001.

Slime-Eating Bastards Part I:
Why You Haven't Heard This Before

At some point, you'll probably ask why we weren't better prepared for Y2K. Most of the information used for this issue was available by September 1999, and some much earlier. Why didn't you hear about it?

It's the Slime-Eating Bastards' fault.

Slime-Eating Bastards are the corrupt multibillionaires whose money buys them influence and the corrupt people who suck up to them.

A small number of large corporations own most of the news media on the planet. Do you really think they are going to report accurately on something that could hurt their stock prices?

At the local level, media, government and business involve a large number of honest, caring people. However, the higher you go, the more these people are displaced by Slime Eating Bastards.

There is no conspiracy. No Jews, no Freemasons, no New World Order, no Space Aliens, no Satanists, nada. Just a bunch of greedy, self-serving bastards who get off on money and power.

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