Believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it.

-- French author Andre Gide

Everything is One.

"Ineffable" is a funny word. It means "unable to be described in words." At first, it makes sense: how could one describe the the color blue to a blind person? Talking about light waves and frequencies could never convey the experience of blue. It is ineffable. On the other hand, if that is understood, then to call something "ineffable" describes it -- with a word.

These pages may help guide seekers to a great frontier, an ineffable experience. So bear in mind that the words here are squishy, chameleon-colored, loopy words. Instead of painting a picture, they point to a picture.

There's an old saying, "You never miss your water til your well runs dry." I say, if the well hasn't been dug, how do you drink? Grab a shovel; it gets deep around here.

  1. A First Look Around
  2. The Destruction of Reality
  3. What Do I Know?
  4. Mind Over Matter
  5. More to come . . .