Top Ten Least Known Facts About the Moon Landing

10. Were supposed to land on Saturn, just stopped on the moon to take a whiz.

9. Astronauts screwed up and left the MTV flag behind.

8. To prove he had the "Right Stuff," Buzz Aldrin had to execute "pressed ham" maneuver on the lunar module's window.

7. Buzz Aldrin blew chance at being the first man on the moon in tense, "2 out of 3" rock-scissors-paper match with Neil Armstrong.

6. Michael Collins practiced for the moon mission by dropping his wife off at the mall, then circling the parking lot until she was ready to come home.

5. After stepping on the moon, Neil Armstrong grabbed his crotch and said "Launch this, Ruskies!" but the tape was edited for "political reasons."

4. Lunar Rover stolen by joyriding aliens because Buzz Aldrin forgot to attach "The Club."

3. Ever since return to earth, astronauts' constantly badgering wives to "initiate docking procedure."

2. Astronauts secretly replaced moon rocks with Folger's Crystals.

1. Never let Aldrin work the radio unless you love country-western.