Libertarian-Interest Products


The Libertarian Party of Dallas County has high-quality T-shirts, white on blue, with the LP name and Statue of Liberty logo on the front and the national 800 number on the back. Now, it was a few years back when I got this information, but the shirts were way cool. Try contacting Odis Ellis at (214) 690-1127 for more info. If they're gone, sorry, you missed out.

[WWW]Liber-Tee Wear has an online store letting you choose a liberty-oriented quote and have it put on a T-shirt of your choice.


Don't Tread on Me

You can find every flag you might possibly be interested in, including the First Navy Jack, Culpepper, and Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me" flags, from [WWW]The Ultimate Flag Source, a libertarian-owned business. Flags are available in a wide range of sizes at reasonable prices.


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