1996 Elections in West Virginia

The Libertarian Party of West Virginia ran the following candidates in the November 1996 elections:

Campaign Wins Major Party Status

West Virginia, although of little electoral significance in the presidential election, has some of the toughest ballot laws in the country. The state always consumes tens of thousands of dollars of L.P. presidential campaign resources to ensure 50-state ballot access, as well as much of the resources of local and statewide candidates.

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Dr. Wallace Johnson ended that -- at least for a while -- in 1996. He needed 1% of the vote to win the Libertarian Party of West Virginia major party status in the state, allowing the party to nominate candidates for any partisan office in the state in the 1998 and 2000 elections without petitioning. In late October, a poll by the Charleston Gazette found 2.4% support for Johnson, and he wound up with 2.5%.

Johnson's well-run campaign included a debate with the Democratic and Republican candidates that was televised nationally on C-SPAN.