Proposal for forming the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County, Texas

September 1993, by Ken Gaillot Jr.:

To achieve success at the national level, the Libertarian Party will need to prove its competence and viability at handling public policy. Name recognition and credibility at the state and local levels will help achieve this goal. Local affiliates of the Libertarian Party, therefore, are valuable not only for influencing public policy but also for building the case for libertarianism at the national level.

I propose the formation of the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County (LPMC), to be affiliated with the state and national LPs, to pursue the goals of name recognition, credibility and influence over local public policy.

To succeed, the LPMC will need a thorough knowledge of:

The usefulness of such information is obvious. The LPMC will need to use the media for advertising and for coverage of any events sponsored. Knowledge of government offices will allow the LPMC to run viable campaigns and to identify officeholders who may be open to libertarian ideas. Voluntary groups in the community can be targeted by the LPMC for outreach, and may be parts of coalitions on specific issues. Access to libertarian resources will allow the LPMC to use strategies that have worked elsewhere and to support positions on specific issues.

Of course, to be successful the LPMC will also have to take an active role in promoting libertarianism. Depending on the level of funding and volunteer activism, the LPMC could, for example:

The goals of such actions include name recognition, outreach, fundraising and press coverage. Speeches and debates will give potential candidates speaking experience. Successful political campaigns will allow the LPMC to advance libertarianism directly.

There are many specific events that a newly-founded LPMC, with minimal funding and volunteerism, could sponsor. An affiliation ceremony (party) marking the formation of the LPMC could strengthen links between the LPMC and the Harris County and Texas LPs. LPMCers could write letters to the editor on various issues. The LPMC could also protest Tax Day, memorialize Tiananmen Square or speak to a civic group.

I have the experience necessary to get a libertarian organization off the ground. While attending Louisiana State University, I re-activated the College Libertarians at LSU, serving as president from 1987 to 1989 and as treasurer in 1990 and 1991. I organized many speeches, debates and outreach efforts for the College Libertarians. I also collected signatures to get Ron Paul on the Florida ballot in 1988, and coordinated precinct walking for a Libertarian campaign for the Louisiana State Senate in 1991. I moved to the Woodlands, Texas, in January 1992, and look forward to advancing liberty in Texas.