Lieutenant Governor Candidate Stan Dworkin

When shock-jock Howard Stern decided to run for governor of New York in 1993, he announced Stan Dworkin as his running mate.

Who is Stan Dworkin?

June 1994, from John Famularo:

Many people have asked, "Who is Stan Dworkin"? Well, I would like to provide a little information for this net.

I met Stan briefly at the Albany convention, but did not get to speak to him until a month later. He had already met with Dottie-Lou Brokaw where they reviewed the LP Platform and libertarian philosophy. He took the World's Smallest Quiz at the convention and scored 80/75. He also signed a five sentence pledge required for membership in the NYLP.

He is taking this election very seriously and is devoting a lot of time and energy in preparing for the upcoming campaign season. His son Matt, a student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, seems to be a pretty good libertarian too.

On Monday, June 20th Stan Dworkin addressed an assembly of Libertarians in New York City who had originally expected to hear Michael Moriority. He acquitted himself beautifully, and was warmly applauded by an audience that was largely hostile just a few weeks before. The Statewide ticket of Stern, Dworkin, Siegel, and Guyer will rely heavily on Dworkin in the coming months, if as I expect, Stern will refrain from conducting a standard campaign and refer the media to Dworkin.

Mr. Dworkin makes a good appearance and is well spoken. He will be a credible spokesman for the LP of New York. If you met him, you would like him.


June 1994, from John Famularo:

Mr Dworkin's curriculum vitae are as follows:

President, A.J. Tanner Ltd. Manufacturing advertising specialties and items for the hat and fraternal regalia industry since 1980.

Age 45, married, wife Cathie and two sons, Matthew, 18, and Daniel, 14.

Prior to entering the business world he taught Social Studies, American History, and Anthropology in Junior High School and High School.

Worked as researcher for Dr. Margaret Mead at the Museum of National History.

MA in Anthropology from New York University.

His disagreement with the Democrat Party leadership was over his refusal to accept the patronage system and his insistence on the merit system.

If we are to become a majority at any time in the near future (25 years), we need community leaders like Stan Dworkin to join our ranks and publicly proclaim themselves as Libertarians.

"Nolan Chart" Quiz results

From Stan Dworkin's son Matthew I. Dworkin, on the results of his father's "Nolan Test":

The following are the responses my father had, as far as I can recall, when we discussed this.

Military service should be voluntary. (No draft.)
Gov't should not control radio, TV or the press.
Yes (agree).
Repeal regulations on sex by consenting adults.
Maybe (would have to think about it).
Drug laws do more harm than good. Repeal them.
Maybe. Marijuana no problem, have to think about stronger ones.
Let people immigrate and emigrate freely.
No problem.
Businesses and farms should operate without gov't subsidy.
No problem.
People are better off with free trade than with tarriffs.
I don't recall his reaction to this.
Minimum wage laws cause unemployment. Repeal them.
End taxes. Pay for services with user fees.
I do not recall his reaction to this. I believe he was unsure what the plan would be for this.
Europe and Japan should pay for their own defense.

Stan Dworkin's overall rating is at least 80/60. According to the Nolan Test, this makes him a libertarian.