LP-Maryland Wins Ballots Status

In 1995, the Libertarian Party of Maryland gained official ballot status as a certified party. The LPMD is the only party other than the Republicans and Democrats to qualify.

Certification means that Libertarians will automatically have their presidential nominee placed on state ballots, and that all voter registration forms will now carry the Libertarian Party option.

The party needed 10,000 valid signatures to be certified. On May 9, 1995, the Libertarian Party of Maryland filed 13,817 signatures with the State Administrative Board of Election Law. Of those, SABEL determined that 9,954 were valid, 46 short of certification. On May 25, the party submitted 125 more signatures, of which 81 were found valid, giving the party a total of 10,035 valid signatures.

On June 6, SABEL administrator Gene M. Raynor announced, "The Libertarian Party is now an established political party under Maryland law." In addition, Jack Schwartz, Chief Counsel for Opinions and Advice from Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr.'s office issued a determination on May 25 that the Libertarian Party's Constitution and Bylaws conform with Article 33 of the Maryland Code.

Sources: May 9, May 24 and June 6, 1995, news releases posted to LPUS by Jesse Markowitz, chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland.