Phone System Helps Party

Posted March 20, 1996, to LPUS by James D. Solomon, then the corresponding secretary of the Libertarian Party of Illinois:

The Illinois LP installed a new voice-mail system about a month ago and in my opinion it has been a resounding success. Many thanks to Washington State activist, Tom Isenberg, for his "tips", one of which provided the idea behind our voice mail system.

By replacing our "rollover line" with Amertech's "Enhanced Voice Mail for Small Business", we actually are saving money on our phone bills. In addition, our response time to inquiries has gone from days/weeks down to minutes/hours, because messages can be retrieved from any phone at any time, regardless of location. Our outgoing message also lists our state chair's pager number for "urgent" messages. It's amazing how much more likely you are to get press coverage when you return reporters' phone calls in short order!