Givot for Senate

In 1984, Steve Givot ran for U.S. Senate in Illinois. In defending another campaign's hard efforts against armchair quarterbacks later in 1996, Givot described his campaign:

My 1984 senate campaign raised $125,000, got five major national endorsements from conservative/Republican bigwigs (not counting then-sitting Congressman Ron Paul and the Chief Economist of Chase Manhattan Bank).

I was hounded by the media for interviews after the endorsements. I appeared on virtually every television station in the state -- at their behest. I flew more than 50,000 miles to blanket Illinois during the campaign. I testified before the Joint Economic Committee of the U. S. Congress.

I stopped working and campaigned full time -- at least 5 days each week -- from April 1.

The result: about 60,000 votes (roughly 1.25%).

Source: November 12, 1996, posting by Steve Givot to the LPUS mailing list.