Republicans Offer Concessions to Libertarians

From posts April 17 and 19, 1994, by Mike Tanner:

An extraordinary meeting took place last week between representatives of the Georgia Libertarian Party and the leading Republican candidates for governor. The Republicans, who either personally attended or sent their campaign managers, met with Dr. Nancy Lord, Carole Ann Rand, and the LP's legal counsel.

The Republicans admitted that they were afraid that the presence of an LP candidate in the governor's race would cost them the election. They offered a variety of concessions, including changes in ballot access laws and a signed pledge to oppose any tax increase, if the LP would not run a candidate for governor. However, the Republicans refused to make any concessions on the drug war or other social issues. As a result, the LP turned down the deal and will run a candidate for governor. Obviously the LP-Georgia is beginning to become a political force.


The Georgia Republican Party has come back with a further list of concessions in an effort to reach an agreement whereby the Georgia LP will not run a candidate for governor. The latest offer includes an agreement that the Republicans will not run a candidate for Agriculture commissioner (leaving the LP one-on-one against the Democrat in a statewide race) and a public statement that ending drug prohibition is a "legitimate topic for public debate." These guys must really be scared of us. Stay tuned for further developments. [By the way, I have been advised that LP State Chair Cosmo Boyd, Georgia Libertarian editor Jack Aiken, and LNC Member Ron Crickenberger also attended the negotiations.]