Libertarian Party Day

The city council of Westminster, Colorado, proclaimed August 15, 1996, to be "Libertarian Party Day" in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Libertarian Party in their city.

Westminster City Councilors Gary Smith and Glen Scott spearheaded the effort to recognize the Libertarian Party's anniversary after watching television coverage of the party's presidential nominating convention, held not long before in Washington, DC. The official Proclamation reads:

WHEREAS, The Libertarian Party birthplace was in Westminster, CO 25 years ago; and
WHEREAS, A group of five young Republicans met at David Nolan's Westminster residence and decided to start a new party on August 15, 1971; and
WHEREAS, In spite of the extremely long odds against them, this group of people attempted to offer a wider range of choices in politics; and
WHEREAS, The Libertarian Party has been the greatest success story of its kind, and
WHEREAS, The Libertarian Party has grown to be America's third largest political party; and
WHEREAS; The Libertarian Party's strength and support are approximately equal to that of all other alternative parties combined.

NOW, THEREFOR, The Westminster City Council does hereby proclaim August 15, 1996 as: "Libertarian Party Day" in the City of Westminster, Colorado to acknowledge the beginning of the Libertarian Party in the City of Westminster and recognizes the 25th anniversary of the Libertarian Party. Signed this 12th day of August, 1996.

Source: August 9, 1996, news release posted to LPUS mailing list by Libertarian Party of Colorado Public Information Director Larry Hoffenberg.