Colorado Improves Ballot Access

May 25, 1995, posting to Libernet, from David Aitken:

Colorado Governor Roy Romer signed HB95-1022, sponsored by State Representative Ron Tupa and Senator Paul Weissman, today. This bill, a response to a lawsuit by Libertarian candidate Judd Ptak, makes it somewhat easier for third party and independent candidates to get on the ballot.

The changes include a filing fee of $500 for presidential candidates, lower signatures for non-statewide offices except Congress, a longer petitioning period, a cure period, and requirements for the Secretary of State to issue statements of sufficiency or insufficiency in a timely manner.

The Colorado Coalition for Fair and Open Elections, which included Libertarian, Green, Taxpayer, and Natural Law parties and the Labor Party Advocates, did most of the lobbying for the bill. The coalition will be attempting to draft a party petitioning bill for the next session of the legislature.