Libertarian City Councilwoman Causes Controversy

Libertarian Party of California member Sandi Webb was elected to the Simi Valley, California, city council. Since then, she has garnered much attention as a result of her strongly held views, particularly with respect to firearms ownership.

Webb first made headlines by advocating carrying weapons for self-defense even when government officials refuse to issue a permit. Webb herself routinely carries a handgun.

Webb was re-elected to her city council seat in 1994.

At a March 12, 1996, League of Cities reception in Washington, D.C., Webb stood up and gave Senator Diane Feinstein the bird when Feinstein asked everyone to support her assault weapons ban. The incident made national headlines, and Webb issued an apology. "I will fight to the death if I think I'm right, and I will stand and take my lumps if I think I'm wrong," Webb said.

Sources: November 12, 1994, news release by the Libertarian Party; March 16, 1996, Los Angeles Daily News story, "Councilwoman apologizes to Dianne Feinstein for obscene gesture."