San Diego Libertarians' Membership Success

February 11, 1995, from Richard Rider:

In response to the recent net query about how to get new members, the following is a quick list of methods we use to do "outreach" in San Diego (we have the largest chapter in the nation):

  1. Letters to the editor -- maybe the most important tactic we can use. I have a media packet available to those interested in learning more about this invaluable tool. Best bang for the buck, particularly with a computer fax setup to broadcast letters (see below).
  2. Do all taxpayer ballot arguments, and stay active in both local and state initiatives and propositions.
  3. Talk show calls.
  4. Public access TV show produced by local LP.
  5. Speakers bureau for schools and civic groups.
  6. Testifying before city council and county board of supervisors.
  7. Computer fax broadcast system to deluge media and politicians with Libertarian propaganda, letters, newspaper articles, libertarian publication articles, etc.
  8. Local LP newsletter sent to Libertarians, media and potential allies.
  9. Work with other groups on allied issues (NRA, tax groups, etc.)
  10. A manned phone line with quick response to info requests or soundbite queries from media.
  11. Local BBS participation and a local email network.
  12. Mailings, primarily to old members and registered Libertarians who are not now members.
  13. Set up batch of Libertarian books in public library and make sure they are cross-referenced under "libertarian". Check out books occasionally so that they will not pull books off the shelves.
  14. Provide information on variety of subjects from Libertarian viewpoint by keeping available a file cabinet full of references organized by subject. Especially helpful on the drug issue. Allow researchers to come to office and make copies of needed source material (for a copying charge).
  15. Contact friendly letter-to-editor writers and send them info while offering to help them distribute their letters via our fax system.
  16. Run candidates for partisan offices to educate the public and offer an alternative. Fill as many races as possible. Big bucks campaigns not cost effective. We occasionally pull a candidate to help an exceptionally good contender from an older party (normally Republican).
  17. April 15 post office tax protest.
  18. County fair outreach booth with political survey board and questionnaires.
  19. Monthly supper club with guest speakers. Try to get coverage of event in local media, or at least an annoucement.
  20. Monthly LP nature hike.
  21. Get prominent members appointed to city and county boards, influencing the boards' decisions and legitimizing the LP.

Probably more items, but that is all that comes to mind at the moment.