Libertarian Appointed to California Constitutional Convention

In January 1996, longtime Libertarian activist and 1994 candidate for governor Richard Rider was appointed to the 21-member California Constitution Revision Commission.

The commission recommends revisions to the California state constitution. It considered proposals to abolish California's famous Proposition 13 limitations on property taxes and the state's two-thirds vote requirement for new taxes.

Republican Curt Pringle, Speaker of the California Assembly, chose Rider, well-known for his opposition to tax and bond increases. Rider, the only third-party member of the Commission, said, "In addition to pursuing my Libertarian desires for less government, I hope to represent the views of all third parties in terms of fair ballot access and representation in government."

Source: February 18, 1996, Libertarian Party news advisory, "Libertarian Appointed to Powerful California Constitution Commission."