Go Bonnie!

Bonnie Flickinger is a good example of what Libertarians can and will do when elected to office. Flickinger won a seat on the Moreno Valley, California, city council in November 1992. The race was nonpartisan, but Flickinger is a registered Libertarian and advocated Libertarian goals during her campaign.

On December 14, 1993, by a 5-0 vote, the Moreno Valley City Council appointed Flickinger as mayor. Her one-year term began that night. Moreno Valley, with a population of almost 140,000, is the largest city ever to have a Libertarian mayor. Flickinger was re-elected to the city council in November 1994 and made mayor pro tem in 1995.

Flickinger was nearly successful in repealing $7.5 million worth of city taxes. In 1995, Flickinger tried to convince the city council to allow residents to vote on the town's utility tax and business gross receipts Tax. She finally convinced enough members to get the measures on the ballot, in exchange for voting for a unanimous resolution of support for the taxes. On June 4, 1996, voters rejected both taxes by a margin of 52% to 48%, and the taxes were scheduled to end December 31, 1996. However, the taxes were placed on the ballot again in November 1996 and passed.

After voting for the resolution, Flickinger announced she would not campaign for or against the taxes but would correct any misinformation put out by either side. Three other councilmembers denounced Flickinger, threatening to censure her and remove her from appointed positions including mayor pro tem. Residents flooded Flickinger's office with expressions of support.

Sources: LP press releases including one dated November 12, 1994; June 7, 1996, Advisory from the Libertarian Party; personal e-mail in January 1997.