Media Coverage of the 1996 Browne Campaign

The Harry Browne for President campaign in 1996 received a variety of media coverage. Talk radio tended to be most favorable, with many talk show hosts endorsing Browne. Newspaper articles and television mentions were usually fair, but many adopted a condescending tone.

In all, Browne appeared on more than 500 talk radio shows in 1996.

What follows is a very incomplete list of media coverage of the Browne campaign.

November 1994

"Browne In," November 21, 1994 Forbes magazine: Browne candidacy announcement.

February 1995

"The Bad-News Bears," February 6, 1995 National Review: libertarian bent of investment newsletter writers, Browne's candidacy.

July 1995

"Cut Everything, at Once," July 24, 1995 Insight magazine: Browne interview. Great Browne quote, when asked about first 100 days in office if elected: "I would submit my budget immediately and put enormous pressure on Congress to pass it. If they come back with an alternative that is over $500 billion or increases taxes, I'll veto it. And if they come up with one that's even smaller, I'll sign it even if the whole damn thing goes to save the spotted owl."

August 1995

"Don't Expect Much from Perot's Bash", August 11, 1995 Orange County Register: mentions Browne's qualifying for CityVote poll in article on United We Stand America conference.

October 1995

Rogers Worthington column, October 24, 1995 Chicago Tribune: Campaign speech to local Libertarians, platform overview.

Al Knight column, October 26, 1995, Denver Post: Browne platform overview.

"Libertarian vows to kill taxes, programs", October 31, 1995 Orange County Register: Browne platform overview.

November 1995

"The GOP's revolution of degrees", November 26, 1995 Orange County Register: Browne's program for eliminating the income tax and reducing government, criticizing Republican's nickel-and-dime approach.

November 26, 1995 New York Times Magazine: paragraph on Browne candidacy.

March 1996

James Bates column, March 11, 1996 Los Angeles Times: Browne's World Wide Web campaign diary.

April 1996

Ronald Brownstein column, April 8, 1996 Los Angeles Times: notes variety of choices, mentions Browne.

April 11, 1996 "Choose or Lose Road Report," MTV: brief interview with Browne in Madison, Wisconsin.

"Presidential Hopeful Speaks Tonight for PRAXIS," April 18, 1996 Hillsdale Collegian: Browne speech to college economics club, overview of platform.

August 1996

"Libertarians introduce the F-word into polite conversation," August 9, 1996 Star-Ledger: Libertarians' appeal to youth, Browne's restoration of "F-word" -- freedom -- into politics.

September 1996

"Don't limit debates to two nominees," September 15, 1996 Nashville Tennessean: advocates having Perot in debates, mentions Browne.

September 24, 1996 "Politically Incorrect" on Comedy Central.

October 1996

October 5, 1996: Voter education program Democracy 1996 produced by station PBM, includes Browne interview, offered to all public television stations in the U.S. At least 16 stations showed the program on various dates between October 15 and November 3.

October 7, 1996 C-SPAN: third-party debate at National Press Club.

October 16, 1996 "Larry King Live" on CNN: post-debate show.

October 18, 1996 "Inside Politics" on CNN.

October 18, 1996 "Crier Report with Catherine Crier" on the Fox News Channel.

"Special report: State Libertarians see gains in numbers, respect," October 21, 1996, Detroit News: overview of Libertarian Party of Michigan, comments on Jon Coon campaign.

October 22, 1996 "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" on PBS.

"The Libertarian: Anti-Government Browne Calls To Abolish Federal Tax," October 22, 1996 Detroit News: coverage of campaign speech before Economic Club of Detriot luncheon.

October 26 and 27, 1996, C-SPAN: coverage of third-party presidential debates.

"To Libertarian, Less Government is More," October 27, 1996 Chicago Sun-Times: brief overview of Browne candidacy.

October 26, 1996 "Saturday Night Live": skit spoofs third-party presidential debates, includes Browne.

October 28, 1996 "All Things Considered," National Public Radio: excerpt from a Browne speech at an Arlington, Virginia fundraiser.

October 28 and 29, 1996 Christian Science Monitor features Clinton, Dole, Perot and Browne on various issues.

October 29, 1996 Longboat Key, Florida Observer endorses Browne.

October 29, 1996 Fox TV News channel: interview with Browne, Hagelin and Phillips.

November 1996

November 1, 1996 C-SPAN: Brian Lamb interviews Browne, Hagelin and Phillips.

November 4, 1996 Time magazine: Browne listed as "winner" in "Winners & Losers" section for being on all 50 ballots.

November 4, 1996 Newsweek: Browne gets "up arrow" in conventional wisdom watch.