Tips for Libertarian Activists

Outreach to Corporate VIPs

Last updated 1991-10-29 by Tom Isenberg

Here's something we at Microsoft have recently done...

We've gotten both the Reason Foundation and the Cato Institute to send free subscriptions to policy analyses and special reports and invitations to conferences to several Microsoft zillionaires who have shown interest in or sympathy towards libertarian ideals (as judged by Microsoft libertarians who have had dealings with these people.)

Each of these gifts will come with cards and cover letters from the respective organizations mentioning that the gifts are from the Microsoft libertarians (to show that some of their highly intelligent and highly productive employees are looking out for their bosses' intellectual development.)

We also discussed with Cato and Reason an idea to invite these zillionaires to speak at conferences on issues like "the wonderfully unregulated computer industry" "computers and the revolution in Eastern Europe" "marketing in post-communist Europe" "computers, technology, and freedom" and so forth.

So those of you working near other zillionaires might want to consider doing something similar... At least get your company library to stock up on some CATO books and studies of general corporate interest (The Suicidal Corporation, for example.)