Tips for Libertarian Activists

Radio Interviews

Last updated 1994-07-28 by Tom Isenberg

A much-touted, highly publicized poll in 1991 showed that only 28% of those surveyed trust the government to, by-and-large, do the right thing. This is half of the percentage in 1961. Add to this cover stories in Newsweek "Voters want No Bull" and Time "Is Government Dead?" and we seem to have fertile ground for the LP.

Some analysts are saying that voters don't necessarily want less government, they want better government (one which gives the middle class the goodies it wants: health care, tax cuts, etc.)

This is a dangerous combination. If Libertarians don't articulate real solutions, the Democratic Socialists will. And big government is appealing to many people. Let's at least create some doubts.

This is an ideal time to contact your local talk radio station and get them to interview an articulate libertarian. Most talk radio stations will do long-distance telephone interviews, so if you don't have a strong local propagandist, refer them to someone from Reason or Cato or the National LP. Have a list of contacts and numbers for them.

Get some other libertarians to call in and ask for coverage of this Libertarian thing.

Let's exploit every opportunity we have.