Tips for Libertarian Activists

Letter-writing campaigns

Last updated 1994-03-04 by Tom Isenberg

Here are some ideas that might get more people (like me) to act on your letter-writing "calls to action."

  1. Make your subject line give an indication of the urgency. Indicate the deadline up front. Otherwise, people like me will either assume that it's too late or that they can put it off.

  2. The very first sentences of your post should tell lamebrains like me exactly what you want us to do. Most people only read the first few sentences of any post, so you better put your important stuff there. Keep it short and simple. Put the background info at the bottom of the post.

Consider using this formula in your "call to action" posts:

From: Tom "Watchdog" Isenberg
Subject: DUE 7/26: write letters re: gun law
(indicates deadline, topic, and action required)

Please take a moment to fire off a letter to local editors regarding jury nullification and how it would have prevented the jury's tragic, reluctant conviction of a local woman on marijuana charges.

Please do this asap. The issue will no longer be timely after 7/26/94.

Anyway, here's the background info: Most of you have read the horrible story about... [etc.]


  • You must give your full name, address, and daytime phone number for verification.
  • Be clear and concise. No more than 250 words.
  • Identify yourself as a Libertarian, if you wish. E.g., "As a Libertarian, I think that..."


  • Juries have the right to acquit defendants for whatever reason they want (e.g., the law is unjust) regardless of what the judge instructs. This is a well-established legal principle.
  • People who want more info should call the Libertarian Party at 1-800-353-1776.
  • Jury nullification is a common law right with a long history in this country.
  • Jury nullification helped lead to repeal of Prohibition and fugitive slave laws.
  • Jury nullification is the ultimate check and balance against our government.


[Here's where you'd list the mail, fax, and e-mail addresses of the papers you want people to write.]

If you want people to take action, you must tell them exactly what to do and how to do it. Make it easy for them!