Tips for Libertarian Activists


Last updated 1994-11-24 by Tom Isenberg

In my humble opinion, every Libertarian ought to have one of these bumperstickers on their car. It's free publicity and helps to make the LP a household word.

The best (and also the most popular) are "Legalize Freedom" and "Pro-Choice on Everything" because they look good (they're red, white & blue), get the point across, and feature the 1-800 number.

Just put them on your car's back window (for easy peel-off removal when you sell your car) and become a mobile advertisement for truth, justice, and the American way. It's an excellent conversation starter, and you'll even get some thumbs-up on the road (I average about a dozen a year.) I even keep a few extras in the car to give away.

State and local LP organizations should give them away for free, not sell them! Think of it this way: they are mobile billboards. So why not maximize the number of billboards out there? Subsidize their cost some other way. You can order them in quantity discount from the national LP. Give them away at meetings, conventions, and Nolan survey booths.

To Make Your Own Bumperstickers

Williams & Macias sells a glossy paper stock that lets you print bumper stickers from an ordinary laser printer.

Product 2041 has 3 stickers on a 8.5 x 11 sheet (somewhat small for a bumpersticker), Product 2042 has 2 stickers on a 8.5 x 11 sheet.

Both products have a weatherproof adhesive, and are made from weather-resistant paper. The products come in 20-sheet packs. Obviously, you should do test runs on normal paper before using the sticker paper. So -- a fast and cheap way to crank out small runs of black and white bumper stickers (or use a color printer at Kinko's Copy Center.)