Tips for Libertarian Activists

E-mail calls to action

Last updated 1994-07-25 by Tom Isenberg

Here are some ideas that might get more people (like me) to act on your e-mail "calls to action."

  1. Make your subject line give an indication of the urgency. Indicate the deadline up front. Otherwise, people like me will either assume that it's too late or that they can put it off.

  2. The very first sentences of your post should tell lamebrains like me exactly what you want us to do. Most people only read the first few sentences of any post, so you better put your important stuff there. Keep it short and simple. Put the background info at the bottom of the post.

Consider using this formula in your "call to action" posts:

From: Patricia Freeman
Subject: DUE 7/26: call Congress re: gun law                 <---- 
indicates deadline, topic, and action required

Call or fax your U.S. Congressman's office before 2pm EST on Tuesday 
7/26.   Ask your Congressman to vote against the semi-auto and 
10-round-magazine bans in the House Crime Bill.  Also ask him to send 
you a letter explaining his vote and how he is working to defend our 
right of self-defense. (That way your opinion will be registered in 
their form-letter database.)

If you don't know the name or phone number of your Congressman, call 
202-224-3121 (the Congressional switchboard) and they'll be able to put 
you through. Or, you can call his local office (check the phone book or 
call directory assistance.) By the way, you can get a directory of all 
your national, state, and local politicians for free from your local 
League of Women Voters.  Everyone should get a copy of this free booklet!

Anyway, here's the background info:  This vote will be taken on the 
House Floor at 3:00pm EST on Tuesday 7/26.  At issue is...