Did the U.S. Government Lie About Oklahoma City Bombing?

A rumor that floated around the net around the time of the bombing was that local television stations in Oklahoma City had evidence contradicting the official government version of the Alfred R. Murrah Federal Building bombing.

There was one television station, KPOC-TV, located about 100 miles north of Oklahoma City, that for a time sold videos on the Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco incident, and the Ruby Ridge incident, all critical of the government.

The Video

This post was from Ian Goddard to the Libernet mailing list, referring to an unspecified video, perhaps the KPOC-TV one:

Identifying John Doe #2

A Libernet poster mentioned that Oklahoma City television station KFOR (channel 4) reported that they had identified John Doe #2. The station reported that John Doe #2 is an Iraqi national who served in the Gulf War for Iraq, and owned a brown pickup truck similar to the vehicle seen speeding from the scene of the bombing.

Sources: June 18, 1995, posting to Libernet by Ian Goddard; June 21 and July 17, 1995, postings to Libernet.