Congressman claims terrorist caught with nuclear device

On June 12, 1995, Buz Osbourne made the following post to a local newsgroup in Pensacola, Florida:

Did anyone else hear [U.S. Representative] Joe Scarborough this afternoon on WCOA's Pensacola Speaks discuss Senate Bill 735? While discussing it, he said that the FBI already had enough power under existing statutes and began citing instances that the FBI had foiled or solved terrorist attacks in this country. After a litany of successes Joe mentioned that the FBI had caught a Japanese terrorist on the Jersey Turnpike trying to get into New York City with a nuclear device.

Now I don't know whether this was a slip of the tongue revelation about an incident that has heretofor been classified, but I surely don't remember anything on the news about this incident. Does anyone else know anything about this incident?

After leaving Congress, Scarborough went on to become a Fox News commentator. It would be interesting if he could comment on this report.