Airport bomb Waco-related?

On October 13, 1995, a primitive explosive device damaged a wind shear detection system serving New York City's La Guardia Airport. A handwritten note found at the site claimed the blast "is in response to the Waco incident, for all our fallen brothers," and sported a swastika.

The explosion occurred at Flushing Airport, which is no longer in use for aircraft, but contains weather equipment used by La Guardia Airport across the bay. The makeshift bomb was placed next to a low-level wind-shear alert system remote center, a device which measures wind speed and direction.

Nearby residents have complained in the past about lax security in the site, and teenagers frequent the area.

Investigators are unsure whether the Nazi note is authentic or a ruse to mislead them.

It would be ironic if neo-Nazis really were upset about the federal government's destruction of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas, because the federal agencies acted in true Nazi fashion against a multicultural religious minority consisting of blacks and whites, natives and immigrants.

Source: October 14, 1995, New York Times News Service article "In blast at La Guardia, note at scene refers to Waco incident."