Sabotage Derails Amtrak Passenger Train

On October 9, 1995, an Amtrak passenger train derailed in the Arizona desert. Investigators determined that the rail had been sabotaged, and copies of a note left at the scene claimed responsibility by the "Sons of Gestapo," condemning federal police for their actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

The saboteur(s) removed bolts from a joint connecting two rails and bypassed the warning system with electrical wire. One crew member was killed and 77 people were injured when the rails separated as the Sunset Limited passenger train sped by.

Investigators do not know who is responsible and believe the notes left at the scene could be a ruse to divert attention. Among the theories advanced for whodunnit are disgruntled railroad employees upset at expected layoffs, Arizona militia members, neo-Nazi skinheads and Vietnam veterans.

Some questions remain: Why would someone who calls themselves "Sons of Gestapo" use "Nazi" as a pejorative term? And why would neo-Nazis take the side of the Branch Davidians, a multicultural commune of whites and blacks, natives and immigrants?

Source: October 11, 1995, New York Times News Service article, "Investigators sift wreckage at Amtrak site."