Prison Camp Guards Beat Immigrants

The U.S. has set up "detention centers" (prison camps) for illegal immigrants. Politicians routinely denigrate immigrants, particularly illegal immigrants, as the source of numerous evils in American society.

In June 1995, prison guards at Esmor Detention Center in New Jersey beat and tortured twenty-five illegal immigrants after the immigrants rioted to protest miserable conditions there. The handcuffed immigrants were forced to run a gauntlet of two dozen officers who punched and kicked them. Guards made the aliens say "America is Number One," strip-searched them, shoved some of their faces into toilets, pulled one's pubic hair out with pliers and broke another's collarbone.

Many of the immigrants were university students and protest leaders who fled political persecution in their native countries. One, a chemical engineer from Ghana, compared the beating to the one he received from his country's security forces after he questioned the way the military dictatorship dealt with a tribal dispute. Two Romanian immigrants, fleeing their country for what they thought was freedom, were scared and confused by the beatings.

In October 1995, six of the guards were arrested for official misconduct and faced five to ten years in prison if convicted, double that if a bias motive were proven. (I do not know the outcome of the case.)

Source: October 14, 1995, Associated Press article "Human rights activists: Anti-immigrant mood set stage for beatings."