Court order prohibits FIJA leafletting

In October 1993, judges in San Diego County, California, issued the following order prohibiting the distribution at courthouses of leaflets advocating jury nullification.

Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego
Municipal Court of the State of California, County of San Diego
San Diego Judicial District
El Cajon Judicial District
South Bay Judicial District
North County Judicial District
General Order No. 102093
Filed: October 22, 1993 by C. Lunt, Deputy

Whereas: Written materials are being distributed and handed to persons entering facilities in San Diego County within which Courts conduct jury trials;

Whereas: These written materials advocate jury nullification, a doctrine contrary to law;

Whereas: These written materials are being distributed with the intent to influence trial jurors and potential trial jurors, interfering with their obligation to discharge their duties as jurors;

Whereas: The distribution of these written materials interferes with and obstructs the lawful administration of justice;

Whereas: The right to trial by jury according to law is fundamental to the lawful and orderly administration of justice;


It is ordered:

The distribution or attempted distribution of any written materials tending to influence, interfere or impede the lawful discharge of the duties of a trial juror, and communication or attempt so to communicate with any person summoned, drawn or serving as a trial juror in these courts for purposes of influencing, interfering or impeding the lawful discharge of the duties of a trial juror, in or within 50 yards of any public entrance to the facilities within which Courts conduct jury trials within this County is prohibited. Disobedience of this general order is punishable as a contempt of court.

Dated: 10/20/93
Signed: Arthur Jones, Superior Court Presiding Judge, Donald H. Demintz, San Diego Judicial District Presiding Judge, William McGrath, El Cajon Judicial District Presiding Judge, Ray B. Cazares, South Bay Judicial District Presiding Judge, Harley Earwicker, North County Judicial District Presiding Judge.