Southern States Police Survey Shows Gun Rights Support

In 1993 the UPI reported the results of a survey on gun control by the Southern States Police Benevolent Association.

As UPI reported:

95.8 percent of the 10,614 members of the ten-state law enforcement organization surveyed rejected a ban on all firearms, 96.4 percent strongly supported firearm ownership for self-protection and 90.1 percent agreed that the U.S. Constitution guarantees law-abiding citizens the right to own a firearm.

Only 34.7 percent said stricter gun control laws were an effective way of controlling violent crime.

The survey showed little support for a Brady Bill-type waiting period for the purchase of handguns -- 86.5 percent said it would only affect law-abiding citizens and not deter criminals from obtaining handguns.

An instant point-of-purchase criminal background check prior to the purchase of handguns drew 63.8 percent support, while only 23.1 percent supported a waiting period before the purchase of a handgun.