Arizona Sheriff Ignores Brady Bill

I've lost the author of this February 1994 report:

The Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, Richard Mack, says he will not enforce the Brady Bill.

Richard Mack has been the Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona for approximately 6 years. He is married, 41 years old (The youngest Sheriff in Az) and has five children. He has been involved in law enforcement all his adult life, and is college educated and articulate.

The Sheriff was quoted as saying it was "unconstitutional" since it violated the 2nd Amendment and was a violation of law since the Federal Government is not permitted to force local county sheriff to enforce its edicts.

Other County Sheriffs in Arizona are reported to be considering rejecting the unconstitutional law. In fact there may be as many as 100 county Sheriffs, according to Alan Gotlieb of a national gun owners rights group, across the nation who are refusing to enforce this illegal law.

Another Sheriff from Montana a Sheriff Prince has gone public with the same statement. Sheriff Mack has appeared on several radio talk shows in the Central Texas area including the popular "Carl Wigglesworth Show", on WOAI 1200 am out of San Antonio.

Sheriff Mack was heard 19 Feb 94 at 11pm CST 1300 am "Texas Over Night" KLRD, Dallas (1300 am in the Austin Area) and Tom Valentine's "Radio Free America" 5.81 shortwave. The national media won't be able to keep a lid on this forever, especially since Sheriff Mack said he is "willing to die to preserve the U.S. Constitution." Support is pouring in from across the nation for Sheriff Mack. The National Rifle Association and other 2nd Amendment organizations have offered to commit attorneys to defend Sheriff Mack's decision "all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary."