Law Enforcement Lobby Opposed to Gun Control

The Law Enforcement Lobby, a California-based pro-gun police organization, wants to hear from other members of the law enforcement community who share the view that armed citizens are an asset to public safety. The organization's agenda includes:

The Law Enforcement Lobby wants to hear your views. We especially want to hear from others in the law enforcement community. Send your messages to us via Internet at This electronic mail address can be reached from all commercial services such as Prodigy, GEnie, Compuserve, America OnLine and MCIMail as well as from Fidonet gateways and all Internet sites. Please make copies of this survey notice and pass it on to others.

For more information on The Law Enforcement Lobby contact Leroy Pyle at (408)947-7687.

LEL-OPINION survey administration is provided to the Law Enforcement Lobby by Telecommuter WorkSystems Outreach Services. To use this service for your organization's opinion surveys or to access to opinion results please contact or call (310)676-3300.

Editor's note: This post was from the early 1990s, so the contact information is likely no longer correct.