Origin of U.S. Gun Control Laws

Excerpts from an article in the May 1993 Guns and Ammo by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Posted to the Internet with permission by Craig Peterson.

Members of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership consider gun control to be an aggressive cancer. JPFO has a cure, a way to destroy gun control. JPFO has hard evidence that shows that the Nazi Weapons Law (March 18, 1938) is the source of the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA'68). Adolph Hitler signed the Nazi Weapons Law. The Gestapo (Nazi National Secret Police) enforced it. In Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny we present the official German text of the Nazi Weapons Law and a side-by-side translation into English. Even more deadly: a side-by-side, section-by-section comparison of the GCA'68 with the Nazi Weapons Law. If you have this in your hands, no one can tell you that you're imagining things.

GCA'68 marked a new approach to gun control. It replaced the Federal Firearms Act (June 30, 1938), which was based on the federal power to regulate interstate commerce. The 1938 law required firearms dealers to get a federal license (which then cost $1). Only dealers could ship firearms across state lines. Ordinary people could receive shipments from dealers.

In GCA'68 the government required that in almost all cases only dealers could send and receive firearms across state lines. This ended "mail order" sales of firearms by law-abiding persons who are not licensed dealers.

GCA'68 hits you even harder. Congress gave federal bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., the power to decide what kinds of firearms you can own.

The framers of GCA'68 borrowed an idea--that certain firearms are "hunting weapons"--from the Nazi Weapons Law (Section 21 and Section 32 of the Regulations, page 61 and page 73, respectively, of Gun Control.- Gateway to Tyranny). The equivalent U.S. term, "sporting purpose," was used to classify firearms. But it was not defined anywhere in GCA'68. Thus, bureaucrats were empowered to ban whole classes of firearms. They have, in fact, done so.

The Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 replaced a Law on Firearms and Ammunition of April 13, 1928. The 1928 law was enacted by a center-right, freely elected German government that wanted to curb "gang activity," violent street fights between Nazi party and Communist party thugs. All firearms owners and their firearms had to be registered. Sound familiar? Gun control did not save democracy in Germany. It helped to make sure that the toughest criminals, the Nazis, prevailed.

The Nazis inherited lists of firearm owners and their firearms when they lawfully took power in March 1933. The Nazis used these inherited registration lists to seize privately held firearms from persons who were not "reliable." Knowing exactly who owned which firearms, the Nazis had only to revoke the annual ownership permits or decline to renew them.

In 1938, five years after taking power, the Nazis enhanced the 1928 law. The Nazi Weapons Law introduced handgun control. Firearms ownership was restricted to Nazi party members and other "reliable" people.

The 1938 Nazi law barred Jews from businesses involving firearms. On November 10, 1938--one day after the Nazi party terror squads (the SS) savaged thousands of Jews, synagogues and Jewish businesses through-out Germany--new regulations under the Weapons Law specifically barred Jews from owning any weapons, even clubs or knives.

Exhibit No. 62 (see reproduction) [added to the end of this document] is fascinating. This letter--dated July 12, 1968--is to Subcommittee Chairman Dodd from Lewis C. Coffin, Law Librarian at the Library of Congress. Coffin wrote:

"...We are enclosing herewith a translation of the Law on Weapons of March 18, 1938, prepared by Dr. William Solyom-Fekete of [the European Law Division -ed.] as well as the Xerox of the original German text which you supplied" (Subcommittee Hearings, p. 489).

This letter makes it public knowledge that at the end of June 1968 -- 4 months before GCA'68 was enacted -- Senator Thomas J. Dodd, now deceased, personally owned a copy of the original German text of the Nazi Weapons Law.

We are not the first to have seen this hearing record. But we appear to be the first to have recognized its importance. This hearing record suggests strongly that the late Senator Thomas J. Dodd (D-CT) himself implanted the Nazi Weapons Law into American law, or, at very least, helped others to do so.

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