Prosecutors Display Davidian's Guns During Trial

Excerpts from the January 14, 1994, Austin American-Statesman, pp. B1 & B5:

Defense wins acknowledgment that none was illegal

Under cross-examination, defense attorneys drew acknowledgments from several of the Rangers that none of the guns presented as evidence was illegal to possess and that most of the grenades were empty shells.

"These are rifles you can buy at a pawn shop or gun show, are they not?" defense attorney Mike DeGuerin asked Turner. "You didn't intend to leave some sort of impression with the jury that there is anything illegal about (the guns)?"

Defense attorneys also repeatedly steered the Rangers toward other evidence uncovered in and around the compound, including tricycles, rings, a library card, diplomas, Bibles and other religious literature.

DeGuerin also quizzed Coffman on whether tear gas used to try and force cult members from seeped into the bunker. Some bodies were covered in wet blankets, bedrolls and towels in an apparent effort for protection.

"All I smelled was rotten bodies," he said. "It was a horrible smell."