Brad Branch

Brad Branch is one of the Branch Davidians who survived the fire. Below is a transcript of his testimony before he and other Branch Davidians were sentenced.

The transcript was posted February 18, 1995, by Carol Moore, who said, "Below are statements eight Branch Davidians made June 16 and 17, 1994 just before federal Judge Walter J. Smith sentenced them to a total of 240 years on aiding and abetting voluntary manslaughter and/or weapons charges ... These statements, taken from the trial transcript in the order in which they were made, have been edited somewhat for clarity and brevity."

Your honor, ladies and gentlemen. I'm basically a shy person, so if I faint. I'm going to stand up here with all humility. And the truth of the matter is, these people that I'm here with, it's a basic truth, a Seven Seal truth. We stand in judgement before God. The question is simple. Who is worthy? I don't know what to tell this Court as far as what ya'll want to hear. And if I made no sense, it's because I can't make any sense of the Court.

As far as the matters of the Court and the question of sentencing, I just want to say that we were not advised on the [aiding and abetting voluntary] manslaughter charge. Our lawyers did a very good job and I commend them. I've lost all thought.

(Brad Branch, 36, a technician from Texas, left Mount Carmel during the siege. He was sentenced to 40 years but appealed.)