David Thibodeaux

David Thibodeaux is one of the few people who escaped the 1993 Waco massacre. The Internet posts reproduced below spell his name differently, but I believe the above is correct.

Matthew Gaylor posted the following to the Libernet mailing list on June 18, 1995:

David Thibodeau, a theological scholar, was researching the Branch Davidians when the initial assault by the BATF occurred in 1993. Trapped in the crossfire, Thibodeau escaped the Davidian siege shortly before the firestorm, and was a material witness in the ensuing trial. Thibodeau was and is not a Branch Davidian, and is the only survivor not charged or imprisoned as a result of the incident.

Paul Watson made this Internet post about a meeting of the Citizens for Legal Reform in Dallas, Texas:

... The next speaker was David Thibedeaux who escaped the day of the fire. David said 22 people were assassinated by snipers as they ran out the back of the building. He said they got one of the cases the CS gas was in and it has a warning label "not to be used in closed areas/may cause death/for open area riot control only." He also said CS is not a gas but a powder that is inflammable in a closed area. David said the Texas Health and Human Services had came out to investigate all of the child abuse charges and had medically inspected all of the children and found no evidence of sex or child abuse and in fact they said they were the most polite, happy and well mannered kids they had ever had the pleasure of working with.

I've lost the author and date of the following post:

We were fortunate to have as guest speaker at our weekly meeting last week, David Thibedeaux, one of the nine sole survivors of the Mount Carmel incident and the only one not to be indicted so far.

He is a young man -- early 30s probably and spoke very passionately about the his 3 years living amongst his friends and family at Mt. Carmel

... Some of his key points:

At the time of the fire many tried to escape as quickly as possible through various exits. The nine that survived happened to exit on side of the building that was being covered by video camera -- he claims the government killed all others except those on camera.

25 people exited safely through the back exit. These same people were also reported being killed by bullet wounds to the head ...