Waco Newspaper Flooded With Antigovernment Commentary

Rowland Nethaway, senior editor of the Waco Tribune-Herald, in the March 18, 1993, Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

"My biggest surprise concerning this glut of commentary flooding into the newspaper continues to be the volume of vehement anti-government sentiment, which is overwhelming expressions of support for the federal agents. I wrote about this phenomenon in earlier columns only to be rewarded with more anti-government calls and letters. Most of these people say they also would shoot armed federal agents who dared set foot on their property. Many feel so threatened that they are ready to start an armed revolution against the federal government. Strong stuff. Bullets, not ballots.

"These people are not just from this area, or even from Texas. They're everywhere. Those who bother me the most sound educated, articulate and reasonable. I expected reaction from redneck mouth-breathers. I got it. But it's the mass of well-spoken ones who give me the willies. They've given up on the federal government. It's no longer their government."

The day the above was published, the Tribune-Herald recovered the vehicles they'd left at Mount Carmel after the shootout. One was unmarked; the other, clearly marked as newspaper property, had been run over by a tank.