Imprisoned Davidian Tells of Abuse

Carol Valentine posted to the Libernet mailing list excerpts from a May 1995 letter sent by Branch Davidian prisoner Livingstone Fagan:

"The abuse we have received at the hands of officials of government and others since February 1993 continues. But in recent times, never more so than following events in Oklahoma. You are probably aware that since the above event both myself and Renos have been re-located. I had come on the compound, having been in in solitary for 135 days (a total of 240+ days since being at El Reno) on April 19th, in lieu of our memorial of events in Waco. Two days later while in the compound library communing with Renos, we were both set upon, cuffed and placed in solitary. Subsequently notified of an investigation (the reasons or conclusion we were never notified of) we were held in solitary for several days. Finally and without notice we were moved.

"I understand that Renos is now housed in a facility in Atlanta. I arrived here in Oxford, Wisconsin on May 8. It is located in a rural setting. From my observations a significant distance from the main cities. The officers appear more personable. This is in contrast to El Reno. An even greater contrast to Terre Haute, Indiana, where I stayed for a few days during the transit process. it was there I was to experience the most physical abuse of my entire experience in the prison system.

"When I arrived and without provocation I made it clear I was unprepared to voluntarily subject myself to the B.O.P.'s policy of disrespecting its inmates by having them bare and spread their buttock cheeks and the rest. I was subsequently set upon by several officers who took the opportunity for sport. Stripping me of my clothing, I was hoisted in the air by one officer whilst the others in jest went through the process. When I did not cower, their jest turned to rage. Refusing to put on oversized clothing (a part of their jest), I was to tightly cuffed I could not move my hands without painfully pulling on my skin. I couldn't even sign my name on the forms presented before me. I was then hurriedly taken to lockdown where I remained until my departure.

"On my departure I was again to be subject to the process only this time a lot worse. Several officers were similarly involved. My feet were kicked from under me whilst being slammed to the floor and my clothing virtually ripped from me. Again I would not cower, remaining unmoved in my demeanor throughout the ordeal. Their jest again turned to threatenings and profanity. Having dressed I was chained and again thrown to the floor. Manipulating the chains so that I was forced in a crouching position, but lying on my back, one officer was on my chest mouthing in my face words to the effect, 'I'm going to treat you like a bitch' -- the extent of his perception of femininity. Remaining unmoved I was allowed on my feet, then forcibly dragged hands and feet chained to the bus. It make walking very difficult.

"What I found most intriguing is, of the 2 years I have been in the prison system I have been knocked on my back twice. On both occasions it was done by officers. The inmates I have found to be much more civil."

Carol Moore reported the contents of a September 1996 letter from Fagan. In June 1996 Fagan was transferred to Leavenworth where he was put in solitary confinement (kept in a 4x8 cell 24 hours a day with one other prisoner). Fagan wrote:

"My salvation remains precarious at best. I still retain the scars and bruises from threats and physical assaults sustained since my arrival June 20th '96. All of which I received at the hands of prison officers. Last Thursday was the worst yet. After continuously slamming my head against a concrete, then metal structure, followed by my body against a concrete floor (the stated purpose being to get me to fear him), this 300 lb officer then verbalized his intent to kill me for my not cowering to his will.

"Ordinarily the above would be considered attempted murder. In here it seems to be the norm."

Source: May 18, 1995, posting to Libernet by Carol Valentine, and October 5, 1996, email from Carol Moore.