LP-Texas Protests ATF/FBI Actions at Waco

The Libertarian Party of Texas held several protests against the ATF and FBI 1993 assault on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

March - April 1993

April 1993, from Jay Manifold of the Libertarian Party of Texas:

We have obtained (almost) uniformly sympathetic coverage of our protests to date. Our first, held in downtown Dallas on Thursday 4 March, was covered by 5 TV stations and more radio stations than I could keep track of. Our protests in Waco on 7, 13, and 20 March and 3 April resulted in interviews with, among others, Argentinian, Australian, Canadian, French, Italian and Japanese media.

I have personally conducted over a dozen radio interviews, including two in San Antonio, and have appeared on a 2-hour radio talk show in Alaska.

The most recent protest was covered by at least one Dallas TV station (the ABC network affiliate). It featured excellent footage of a well-groomed Libertarian, accompanied by wife and baby, elucidating our position in a clear and simple manner. An astonishingly friendly article appeared in yesterday's (4 April) Dallas Morning News.

As a result of all of the above, the Texas LP added 5 new county parties in the first two weeks after the raid!

January 1994

January 1994, from Jay Manifold:

Approximately 50 persons gathered at the Marriott Courtyard in downtown San Antonio last Sunday evening. For lack of anybody better, I led a sort of organizing meeting in a conference room which the hotel was kind enough to provide for free. In my room, Francis Sommer (see below), Daniel Villarreal, and myself talked late into the night. The next morning a majority of those present at the meeting gathered near the southeast entrance of the Federal Courthouse in Hemisfair Park. There were contingents from Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, as well as the locals; the Fort Worth group wore LP T-shirts. One FIJA guy came from California. Don Henson and his wife drove in from El Paso. Don and I stood on a traffic island in the middle of the street, holding up a Gadsden flag (DON'T TREAD ON ME, rattlesnake, etc.). Signs included:

                REMEMBER THE ALAMO
                 REMEMBER GOLIAD
                  REMEMBER WACO

                QUESTION AUTHORITY

                WHO ATTACKED WHOM?


We conducted numerous interviews with an overwhelmingly sympathetic crowd of reporters. The print reporters, in particular, are furious with the ATF. Larry Dodge got 3-4 minutes of air time on the 6 PM news on the ABC affiliate in Dallas on Monday evening. Carol Moore informs me that the protest was shown on at least 2 TV stations in Washington, DC that evening.

February 1995

From the March 1, 1995, Dallas Morning News:

On the second anniversary of the deadly federal government raid on the Branch Davidian compound of David Koresh, a small group of protesters gathered at the Capitol to call for an independent investigation of the siege. Terry Parker, a Libertarian Party member who helped organize the protest, said Tuesday that the government needs to answer for its actions Feb. 28, 1993, near Waco. "The reason this horrible incidnet can't be let go is you have federal agents who came into Texas, committed deadly acts and yet there has been no credible investigation of criminal culpability on the part of the government," Mr Parker said. "The government has only examined itself, and that's just not enough to satisfy justice. " About 25 protesters gathered at the Capitol carrying signs reading, "Remember the Waco Atrocity" and "Remember the Children Who Died. " Mr. Parker released an open letter to Gov. George W. Bush in whech he asked the governor to launch a state investigation into the federal government's actions two years ago.