Committee for Waco Justice Protests ATF

March 1995, from Carol Moore:

Early morning, February 28, 1995, members of the Committee for Waco Justice leafleted employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms at their national headquarters in Washington, DC. The leaflet urged employees to report any crimes against the Davidians to prosecutors and prove they are not part of the Gestapo-police state mentality.

22 protesters rallied outside that evening to protest BATF's fatal 1993 raid on the Branch Davidians. Typically paranoid BATF insisted that everyone entering the building that day present picture I.D. Employees of other businesses sharing BATF's building noted that many BATF employees evidently took a "mental health" day because the building was relatively empty.

Committee members also leafleted Congress on both February 28 and March 1, passing out over 300 peices of literature including 30 copies of the Committee's "61 Questions for Congress about Waco" to Congressional representatives who passed by.

The Committee also place a $360 3"x4" advertisement in the Washington Times reading "NO MORE HELICOPTER ATTACKS ON AMERICANS (with a sketch of shooting at the Mount Carmel from a helicopter) Congress Must Investigate BATF/FBI Crimes in Waco. Free the Branch Davidian Prisoners!" (Thanks to those who contributed for the ad. Your copy will soon be in the mail.)