Waco Could Have Been Peaceful

The ATF could have served a search warrant or arrest warrant on the Branch Davidians without incident, avoiding the 1993 Waco massacre.

Many years earlier, an argument between Davidian leaders resulted in guns being fired. Koresh and the Davidians cooperated with local police in resolving the matter.

Had the ATF wanted to arrest Koresh, they could have easily done so when Koresh took his daily jog, or went into town for errands. But the ATF had no crimes with which to charge Koresh; they used a search warrant as the pretext for their military raid.

David Koresh offered to have the ATF inspect his weapons to ensure their legality. The ATF ignored his request, instead plotting a military assault.

Koresh knew the ATF was planning to raid the Davidians, and said as much to the ATF's undercover informant. Despite this knowledge, the ATF went ahead with their military assault.