Davidians Not Suicidal

The claim that the Branch Davidians were a suicidal cult bent on destroying themselves was just another one of the FBI's lies about the 1993 Waco massacre.

As reported in the San Francisco Examiner, David Koresh "was in high spirits about surrendering" just three days before the final FBI assault, which culminated in a murderous fire.

The Justice Department finally made available in July 1995 more than 15,000 pages of the FBI's transcripts of conversations between Koresh and negotiators. When asked whether he would surrender after completing his manuscript on the Seven Seals, Koresh said, "I'm giving you the simple answer. Yes, yes, yes. I never intended to die in here."

Unfortunately for Koresh, the FBI did intend for him to die in there. The Davidians had killed four ATF agents. Further, the Davidians' living quarters probably held evidence of illegal activity by federal agents, such as firing from helicopters and firing without provocation. From the ATF/FBI viewpoint, the Davidians had to die and the evidence had to be destroyed.

The July 22, 1995, Examiner reported that transcripts showed Koresh believed the FBI wanted a violent end. Koresh was also concerned about what the FBI had done with cars removed from the Davidians' property. The FBI's characterization of Koresh as a suicidal maniac does not fit well with their transcripts of Koresh's conversations.