The Waco Fire Coverup

On April 19, 1993, the U.S. government's attack on the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas, ended with a lethal fire.

The Justice Department's line (Justice Department report, p. 329) is that the Texas Rangers assembled a team of independent fire investigators headed by Paul Gray, who issued the report blaming the Davidians for the fire.

Refuting this lie at the surviving Davidians' trial, Capt. David Byrnes, head of the Texas Rangers investigation, testified that the U.S. Attorneys office, not Texas Rangers, appointed Paul Gray head of fire investigation team. (Trial transcript, pgs. 5811, 5816, 5834.)

Paul Gray, far from being independent, served as a member of the ATF's National Arson Response Team, identified himself as a special agent of ATF, and taught classes for ATF agents. His wife was a secretary in the ATF's Houston office, and they were friends with one of the ATF agents killed in the initial Mt. Carmel raid.

The investigative team certainly did not show much independence. They did not interview survivors of the fire. Gray actually withheld evidence from the team, particularly infrared evidence of fire beginning in the Mt. Carmel gymnasium, FBI logs reporting fire in the gymnasium immediately after a tank crushed it, and manufacturers' warnings that the CS gas used by the FBI is inflammable. (Trial transcript, pgs. 5836-37, 5847, 5859-62, 5869.)

Source: Carol Moore.