The Waco Fire

On April 19, 1993, the U.S. government's attack on the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas, came to an end with the deaths of 86 men, women and children.

The official version, represented by investigator Paul Gray's report, is that the Davidians committed suicide by setting the fire which destroyed their home. This denies the volume of evidence otherwise: tapes of negotiations showed the Davidians were not suicidal; FBI tanks killed women and children by collapsing ceilings before the fire started; and the FBI itself may have started the fire.

The feds had cut off electricity to Mt. Carmel and the Davidians were using kerosene lamps, most hung on walls, for light. Then tanks start ramming the building, collapsing walls. Then a fire starts. Much evidence exists to show that the U.S. government intentionally started the fire, trapped the occupants inside the burning building, and rigged the report to mask their actions.

Surviving Davidians' testimony, FBI agents' and Texas Rangers' testimony, video evidence (including infrared video) and Mt. Carmel's design and contents provide evidence of what happened on April 19.

According to the Justice Department report, fire started in three separate locations in Mt. Carmel. Television footage shows that those fires each started within two or three minutes of tanks ramming those areas.

Why did the fires start? Tanks crushed through walls that held kerosene lanterns into rooms containing butane heaters and propane tanks. At the same time, the FBI pumped in highly inflammable CS gas (banned for use in war by international treaty) into the building.

Why did the fire spread? The building contained inflammable liquids and gases (kerosene, butane, propane and CS). Mt. Carmel was designed with many long, narrow passageways, causing a "flue" effect spreading the fire. The FBI dismissed firefighters, who had been on standby during the entire siege, not long before the fire. Winds that day were up to 30 miles per hour.

Why couldn't the Davidians escape? Government tanks demolished possible exits, crushing people trapped in some rooms. The attack would have forced most of them further into the building, making escape more difficult.

Why did the independent report not show this? Because it was a lie. The head investigator, appointed by the feds, withheld some evidence and ignored others. The feds prevented truly independent investigation by keeping press away from the scene, bulldozing the site, then excavating the top several inches of topsoil from the area. Even so, what evidence is available (video and testimony) points to what can only be described as evil: the murder of innocent Americans by their government.

Source: Carol Moore.