ATF accused of racism

The ATF can't seem to stay out of trouble. The March 8, 1995, USA Today reported that "a group of black agents has sued the 4,200-employee agency, charging widespread discrimination." Donnie Carter, special agent in charge of ATF's Houston office, said there is "institutional racism" inside ATF.

"The suit charges ATF officials have routinely ignored racial abuses while funneling blacks into low-paying, but dangerous street assignments with little career potential. The black agents' legal documents cite numerous racial problems, including how: White agents in Oklahoma City in 1991 plastered their walls with a Confederate flag, a 'State of Oklahoma Nigger Hunting License', and a Ku Klux Klan business card. Black agents at the ATF office in Chicago in 1991 went to the photocopier and found a picture of civil rights activist Jesse Jackson with the words 'jungle bunny' scrawled on it."