ATF Attacks Ohio Man

From a January 5, 1995, NRA Alert:

A national commission is too late to help Louie Katona from Bucyrus, Ohio.

The Katona family is a poster family for Middle America. Louie's wife is a devoted mother. Louie himself owns a real estate agency. He was a part-time police officer and a full-time community contributor. But he is also a gun collector.

Based on a trumped-up charge that he falsified certain ATF forms, ATF entered his home. During the raid, his wife, Kimberly, became understandably agitated and upset. An overzealous agent pushed his wife against a wall. Within hours, Kimberly, then several months pregnant, began bleeding. She soon miscarried.

Did ATF apologize to this family? No. Instead, ATF pressed criminal charges against Katona. This past April, a judge threw the charges out of court. The Katona family has civil action pending against the ATF.

[This information is presented as a service to the Internet community by the NRA/ILA.]