92-year-old Shoots Attacker

In September 1995, 23-year-old Eric Williams broke into the Wheatley Heights, New York, home of 92-year-old Conrad Schwartzkopf, pummeled the owner and shoved him into a closet. Unfortunately for the criminal, Schwartzkopf kept a semiautomatic handgun in that closet.

The bruised Schwartzkopf emerged from the closet and shot the intruder, who fled and was later found by police bleeding in the street.

A handgun is the only thing in the world that will allow a frail 92-year-old to end an attack by a hardened 23-year-old criminal. Semiautomatic handguns are particularly suited to the elderly, as semiautos have less recoil than other types of weapons.

Source: September 8, 1995, post to the Self-Defense Network.