Ex-boyfriend Killed

When Barbara Weaver ended her relationship with John Boyer III, Boyer publicly threatened to kill her and himself. Weaver obtained a protection-from-abuse order (restraining order) against Boyer, barring him from her vicinity.

Weaver sought refuge in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania, home of Brian Scott Mase. On May 21, 1995, Boyer showed up at the Mase home, and Weaver called the police, who made him leave (but could have arrested him for violating the order).

Boyer later returned to the Mase home. Mase retrieved his father's M-1A carbine rifle and told him to leave. Instead, Boyer entered and grabbed a wooden object, which Mase thought was a baseball bat, and Weaver thought was a skateboard.

Mase fired one shot, hitting Boyer in the stomach and killing him.

Police arrested Mase for homicide, and a judge denied him bail. Mase will spend at least six months in jail awaiting trial. His grandparents have sold their home to help pay for his legal defense.

Mase's father decided to go to the Internet for help. Richard Mase put news stories and other information about the case on a Web site.

District Attorney Bradford Charles, not too happy about the Internet site, asked the judge to bar Brian Mase and his attorney from talking to Richard Mase. The judge ruled against Charles, allowing Mase to continue his Internet presence.

Brian Mase eventually pleaded guilty and served some time in prison.

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